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Carpet Binder

Carpet Binder

To enhance the beauty of Carpets, we offer a range of Carpet Binders to our clients. Our vast collection of Non woven Carpet Binders includes Mycron � SB, Mycron � HB, Mycron � MS, Mycron � 3640, Mycron � 3645, and Mycron � 3639. Our Carpet Binders are best known for thier quality and affordable prices.

Binding Range :

  • Soft Binder
  • Hard Binder
  • Medium Binder


Mycron - SB Soft Binder
Mycron - HB Hard Binder
Mycron - MS Medium Binder (Soft)
Mycron - 3640 Hard Binder
Mycron - 3645 Medium Binder (Hard)
Mycron - 3639 Medium Binder (Hard)

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